From Phil’s Notebook…
Picked the big DR650 up from Sam at Bowral Motorcycles this afternoon and away I went. What fun is this???
The bike weighs in at just 147kg and feels incredibly light to ride. It eats bumpy roads and corners like it was on rails. I simply couldn’t stop riding it!
Then late afternoon I wheeled it into Dragon Motorcycles and sharing a few beers, Big Trev fitted my new Staintune exhaust system.
We fired it up and immediately I knew my DR650 had just become a very different beast. The burble and crackle of the exhaust note was that of a classic big single and the low down power surge on take off was really something. This bike will pull like a tractor and is incredibly smooth for a big single… has a balance shaft. It flicks in and around corners with gay abandon and tremendous stopping power… is just SO light!
I claimed my Moto Guzzi was the best modern bike I’ve ever owned but MOVE OVER Guzzi!! You have a new stable mate!
I put them on a par as the best ever, but for two different purposes.
I have always been fascinated with and loved off road motorcycles…..but this has to be my very very best ever!!
Thank you Sam, thank you Trev, and thank you Staintune!!
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