Highlands Classics Importation

Highlands Classics sources classic motorcycles and parts from all over the world, in various stages of restoration from basket case to completely finished, including Specials.

Highlands Classics is an international partner of Baxter Cycle in the beautiful little town of Marne, Iowa USA. Randy Baxter has been operating Baxter Cycle for more years than he cares to count, or rather wants to! Baxter Cycle source the best of the best classic British machinery from all over the USA and are agents for Triumph and Royal Enfield in the modern world. Let us know what you want and we can arrange importation and shipping right to your front door. Randy Baxter has been a keen motorcyclist since a young boy and nothing has quelled his interest. His support team are all keen motorcyclists too. Ask General Manager Jeremy Pendergast about his vintage Royal Enfield collection and you will never get him off the phone!! Baxter Cycle Parts

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If you are looking for a completed, part completed or to be fully restored motorcycle of any description, let us do the work for you. We can deliver to your doorstep.