Mary gets a ride

HC_blog_garage Mary next door (now aged 91) was a bit cranky because she said she’d lost her view of the distant mountain from her back porch with the creation of my new motorcycle shed. I felt pretty bad, I hadn’t even thought of Mary’s porch view when we designed the roof. But when I spoke to her son, he said I would have had to have no roof at all for Mary to still see the mountain from her porch. He said don’t worry about it. No roof at all would not be very useful on a motorcycle shed!

HC_blog_Mary2Mary had been asking me for some time about getting a ride in the chair. So one sunny day I loaded her in (literally) and we blasted off up the road for a fang over Mt Gibraltar and back. The road is pretty bumpy and twisty and more than once the chair was airborne around the left handers. Mary couldn’t stop laughing and said it was the most fun she’d ever had in her life! HC_blog_MaryI asked Mary if she had any new boyfriends on the horizon? She said “At my age Phil, there ain’t much on the market!” I replied “I guess not Mary, and what’s out there would likely only be short term”!

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