Monthly Archive October 2016

ByPhil Yates

A Sweet Little Machine

From Phil’s Notebook…

Okay, so its only developing 27.2 hp but what a fun little machine it is…..and oh so pretty!!


Feels as sold as a rock to ride and certainly not a sports machine but you can doodle around on it all day just smelling the roses.
I rode it out of Sydney in Friday afternoon peak hour traffic but once on the south west distributor it was clean sailing at 60 mph all the way home to Mittagong.
I arrived into town just in time for a few ales at the Lion Rampant Hotel with the boys who all rushed out to see my new acquisition. They had to wear their sunglasses looking at all that chrome!! ((-:
I’ve been asked to revisit the idea of a Royal Enfield dealership here in Mittagong so I will look at it again. John and Nicole at Motociclo in Sydney said it would not be a problem for them which I was worried about, so go for it.
But first things first…..I have a LOT of projects already in front of me. But somehow, one thing seems to lead to another!!
ByPhil Yates


From Phil’s Notebook…
Picked the big DR650 up from Sam at Bowral Motorcycles this afternoon and away I went. What fun is this???
The bike weighs in at just 147kg and feels incredibly light to ride. It eats bumpy roads and corners like it was on rails. I simply couldn’t stop riding it!
Then late afternoon I wheeled it into Dragon Motorcycles and sharing a few beers, Big Trev fitted my new Staintune exhaust system.
We fired it up and immediately I knew my DR650 had just become a very different beast. The burble and crackle of the exhaust note was that of a classic big single and the low down power surge on take off was really something. This bike will pull like a tractor and is incredibly smooth for a big single… has a balance shaft. It flicks in and around corners with gay abandon and tremendous stopping power… is just SO light!
I claimed my Moto Guzzi was the best modern bike I’ve ever owned but MOVE OVER Guzzi!! You have a new stable mate!
I put them on a par as the best ever, but for two different purposes.
I have always been fascinated with and loved off road motorcycles…..but this has to be my very very best ever!!
Thank you Sam, thank you Trev, and thank you Staintune!!
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